rss 杭州黄龙饭店 引领现代奢华体验 For more than 20 years, The Dragon has ranked among the finest hotels in Hangzhou-the first choice for visitors from China and around the world. With nearly 600 rooms, the city's largest ballrooms, renowned conference facilities and sumptuous dining, The Dragon has an unparalleled reputation for refined service. Guests appreciate the hotel's ideal location in the heart of Hangzhou's central business district. Close to splendid shopping, and major corporate and government offices, The Dragon is also on the doorstep of some of China's most revered cultural landmarks. The hotel faces the stunning Baoshi Mountain and is a short walk from historic and picturesque West Lake. We look forward to welcoming you on your next visit to Hangzhou. Come for the culture. Stay for the comfort. zh-cn Copyright 2009 Join Us To Enjoy The World Cup special_offers_detail.php?nid=21 2010-06-09 The Dragon Special Offers Grand Dragon Opening special_offers_detail.php?nid=20 2010-05-18 The Dragon Special Offers The Dragon,Introducing the Brand New Experience For You to Enjoy special_offers_detail.php?nid=19 2010-05-17 The Dragon Special Offers Winter Promotion special_offers_detail.php?nid=11 2009-12-05 The Dragon Special Offers "Love in the Christmas Holiday, Dream of a new Dragon" special_offers_detail.php?nid=13 2009-12-04 The Dragon Special Offers Christmas Eve feast special_offers_detail.php?nid=12 2009-12-04 The Dragon Special Offers Feast to your taste buds at Veranda special_offers_detail.php?nid=7 2009-11-10 The Dragon Special Offers Meeting Package special_offers_detail.php?nid=6 2009-11-10 The Dragon Special Offers special_offers_detail.php?nid=5 2009-11-04 The Dragon Special Offers special_offers_detail.php?nid=4 2009-10-16 The Dragon Special Offers Join Us To Enjoy The World Cup news_detail.php?nid=26 2010-06-09 The Dragon News Grand Dragon Chinese Restaurant Proudly Makes its Presence Felt in Hangzhou news_detail.php?nid=25 2010-05-27 The Dragon News Dragon has Earned Title as Most Popular Business Hotel news_detail.php?nid=24 2010-05-26 The Dragon News Grand Dragon Opening news_detail.php?nid=23 2010-05-18 The Dragon News The Dragon,Introducing the Brand New Experience For You to Enjoy news_detail.php?nid=22 2010-05-17 The Dragon News Early Summer Series in the Dragon's Gourmet Festival news_detail.php?nid=21 2010-05-13 The Dragon News Dragon Edomae Chirashi Sushi Festival Opening news_detail.php?nid=20 2010-02-26 The Dragon News Celebrate a New Year at Hangzhou's Dragon news_detail.php?nid=19 2010-01-26 The Dragon News Welcomes a New Japanese Chef: Uehara Tert-Jing news_detail.php?nid=18 2010-01-25 The Dragon News news_detail.php?nid=17 2010-01-15 The Dragon News Big Shot-Tony Wong news_detail.php?nid=16 2009-12-28 The Dragon News Warm Thanksgiving Day news_detail.php?nid=15 2009-11-26 The Dragon News World’s Top Wineries Gather at The Dragon to Tickle the Taste Buds and Enrich the Soul news_detail.php?nid=14 2009-11-16 The Dragon News Maintenance Notification of D’Cafe news_detail.php?nid=13 2009-11-16 The Dragon News news_detail.php?nid=11 2009-11-06 The Dragon News Statement news_detail.php?nid=10 2009-11-04 The Dragon News The country’s most beautiful music festival news_detail.php?nid=9 2009-11-03 The Dragon News DRAGON and CATS Hand in Hand news_detail.php?nid=8 2009-11-03 The Dragon News Soft Opening news_detail.php?nid=7 2009-09-26 The Dragon News Superb Quality of the New Dragon Hotel Witnessed by First Guests after Renovation news_detail.php?nid=6 2009-09-18 The Dragon News THE DRAGON – Brace up for A Brand-new Journey news_detail.php?nid=5 2009-09-15 The Dragon News More Confidence and Professionalism news_detail.php?nid=4 2009-09-15 The Dragon News Trial Operation of THE DRAGON, Hangzhou news_detail.php?nid=3 2009-09-07 The Dragon News Hangzhou Dragon Hotel Selects IBM to Implement Smart Hotel Transformation Project news_detail.php?nid=2 2009-09-07 The Dragon News